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    Three-way ball valve features

    Date:[2017-05-20]     Hits:

    Three-way ball valve according to the shape of the main divided into two, respectively, there are T-and L-type. L-type three-way ball valve can only be connected to each other two pipes, can not maintain the third pipe at the same time the interconnection, only the role of distribution; and T-type can make three orthogonal pipe interconnection and cut off the third Channel, from the shunt, confluence.

    1, pneumatic three-way ball valve, three-way ball valve in the structure of the use of integrated structure, 4-seat valve seat seal type, flange connection less, high reliability, designed to achieve a lightweight.

    2, three-way ball valve long life, circulation capacity, resistance is small.

    3, three-way ball valve by the role of single-acting and double-acting two types, single-acting type is characterized by a power source failure, the ball valve will be in the control system requirements of the state.

    In general, the use of three-way ball valve can be connected to the various pipes, high reliability, long life, circulation capacity, resistance is small, but also according to the choice of the ball valve will be in the control system requirements.

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